Raghu will have to face a huge challenge to get Dhanak back in Colors show Gathbandan. Read details here

Gathbandhan update: Raghu on a mission to find Dhanak

Colors show Gathbandhan, produced by Jay Productions, is all set to witness major drama in its upcoming episodes.

Loyal viewers of the series are aware about Vidya Tai’s goons planning to kidnap Savitri (Sonali Naik) but instead of her, Dhanak (Shruti Sharma)
gets kidnapped.

In the coming drama, Raghu (Abrar Kazi) will go on a mission to find Dhanak. He will learn about her kidnapping news.

Later, he would come to meet Bablu bhai wherein Bablu will keep a condition that If Raghu would give him Savitri, then he will leave Dhanak.

What will be Raghu’s decision?

We buzzed artists but could not get through for comment.

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