Hamariwali Good News will see Navya thinking of a good idea for adopting a child. Read here.

Hamariwali Good News Spoiler Alert: Navya’s new idea for adoption

Hamariwali Good News the newly launched Zee TV show produced by Bodhi Tree has seen Navya (Srishti Jain) and Aditya’s (Raghav Tiwari) eagerness to become parents. With Navya not able to conceive, they are looking at adoption as a means to enjoy parenthood.

In the coming episode, Navya will think of requesting Preeti and Alok (Jatin Shah) to give them their second child.

As per a reliable source, “Navya will even talk to Aditya about this idea. However, Aditya will refuse it saying that Preeti is only the daughter-in-law of a well-placed family and that a man like Alok will only talk money and does not value relations.”

What will Navya do now?

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