Sony Entertainment Television’s show Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum leaves no stone unturned to entertain viewers with its gripping storyline. As per the plot, Surilii finally confronts Shiv after discovering Roshni’s medical form. Desperately trying to justify his actions, Shiv explains his helplessness in the situation. However, Surilii’s anger remains unyielding as she refuses to accept his excuses. Shiv gathers his courage to share yet another truth. Shiv discloses to Surilii that Mohit is his son. The revelation sends shockwaves through Surilii, leaving her stunned.

Surilii (Tina Datta) understands Shiv’s situation and Roshni’s health and decides to forgive Shiv. However, Shiv is unaware that Roshni is lying to him and this is her plan to enter his life. Soon, Surilii and Shiv (Jay Bhanushali) decide to go to Ranak and they take Roshni along. However, Samar witnesses Roshni (Anita Hassanandani) at the mansion along with Shiv and Surilii and decides to dig more and find out about her and Mohit.

In the coming episode, Shiv learns about Surilii’s pregnancy and they celebrate their happy moment. However, Roshni calls Shiv and informs him about the attack. Soon, Shiv brings Roshni to the palace and Surilii lies to the family and mentions her to be her friend. The family welcomes Roshni into the house. Later, the Barot family sit together to see photos on the projector but soon Roshni and Shiv’s romantic photos get reflected. Shiv soon reveals to the family that Roshni is my ex-girlfriend.

How will Ranimaa react to this news?