Imlie the Star Plus show produced by 4 Lions Films will see Agastya and Imlie deciding to bid adieu to their contractual marriage, with a lavish party. Read this track info here.

Imlie Spoiler: Agastya and Imlie to party hard

Imlie the Star Plus show produced by 4 Lions Films has seen engaging drama wherein Imlie (Adrija Roy) has fallen for Agastya (Sai Ketan Rao), but does not express it before him. On the other hand, she is sad as their contractual marriage will come to an end with the wedding of Shivani happening. We saw how Vishwa (Abhishek Sharma) got to know about Imlie’s affection for Agastya. But he is determined to separate them and is looking for ways in which the Chaudhary family will throw Imlie out of their house.

The coming episode will see Imlie going through a tough situation being with Agastya all the while. She will start to behave with him weirdly, try to avoid him and scold him unnecessarily. Agastya will even question Imlie’s attitude but she will not reply.

We will also see Vishwa plotting his own plan to oust Imlie from the house. He will steal the watch which the Chaudhary’s had bought for Avi. On the other hand, Imlie and Agastya will decide to party hard before they break up, from their contractual marriage. They will be seen enjoying, dancing and singing at their party. Agastya will also want to confess his feelings for Imlie during the party.

Imlie Ep 1036 22nd December Written Episode Update

Vishwa decided to break apart the closeness between Agastya and Imlie. He plotted Imlie’s getting thrown out of the house.

What will happen next?

Imlie the Star Plus show produced by 4 Lions Films has Adriya Roy and Sai Ketan Rao playing the leads at present. Imlie is the daughter of Badi Imlie and Atharva which was earlier played by Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra. As per the present generation story, Imlie who is a bar dancer is married to a rich and well-known person by name Agastya Singh Chaudhary. Imlie faces opposition in her own house owing to her lineage and work done.