Imlie the Star Plus show produced by 4 Lions Films will see the wedding of Surya (Sai Ketan Rao) happening with Imlie (Adrija Roy). As we know, the story will shift to a different ambience as Imlie will move into the house of Surya. The story will see the exit of the entire Chaudhary family. And there will be a new family entering the show. The matriarch of the family will be Indira, the rich and shrewd businesswoman who believes that every woman’s right place is to take care of her own house.

The coming episode will focus on the wedding. Imlie will agree to the wedding, seeing Dadia’s ill health. However, she will tell Surya that he will not be happy in marriage after marrying her. Hence she will request Surya to never come to the wedding venue.

Amidst this, Malti will inform her Taayi Indira about Surya’s decision to marry. She will seek the help of Indira to stop Surya from marrying.

Before Indira could meet Surya, Imlie will lock horns with Indira. Indira’s car will hit Imlie’s friend on the road and she will be injured. Dressed in a red saree as the bride-to-be, Imlie will be seen locking horns with Indira and teaching her a lesson for showing off her money. Indira will not like the fact that Imlie is so authoritative.

Imlie Ep 1125 21st March Written Episode Update

Imlie tried her best to convince Surya to refuse the wedding.

What will happen next?

Imlie the Star Plus show produced by 4 Lions Films has Adriya Roy and Sai Ketan Rao playing the leads at present. Imlie is the daughter of Badi Imlie and Atharva which was earlier played by Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra. As per the present generation story, Imlie who is a bar dancer is married to a rich and well-known person by name Agastya Singh Chaudhary. Imlie faces opposition in her own house owing to her lineage and work done. Now, Agastya has died and it is Surya Pratap Reddy as the new man in Imlie’s life.