Drama galore in Colors show

Jealously bug to bite Aadhya in Colors’ Internet Wala Love

The tide of romance is certainly blowing on Jai (Shivin Narang) and Aadhya (Tunisha Kapoor) in Colors’ Internet Wala Love (Sphereorigins), and as they say, jealousy is the stepping stone to love.

In the episodes to come, Aadhya will be bit by the jealousy bug when she will see Jai-Aishwarya getting close.

As seen so far, Aadhya recently proposed Jai. The two are indulging in some cute romance.

In the coming episode, the girl Aadhya will be so madly in love with Jai that she will see Jai in everyone around her and a romantic music will start playing in the background. Aadhya will also get upset after she will see Jai and Aishwarya together in the bathroom.

The jealously in the love story will bring them close to each other or will it break their relationship, is what viewers have to witness.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actors for a comment.

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