Star Plus television show Jhanak, the audience has seen a lot of ups and downs. As seen so far, Shristi tries to humiliate Jhanak (Hiba Nawab) at Arshi (Chandani) and Aniruddha’s (Krushal Ahuja) Ashirwad ceremony. However, Jhanak gets hurt while dancing, which Aniruddha notices. He takes care of Jhanak and applies medicine to her wound.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will see a major drama when Arshi breaks her relationship with Aniruddha. After witnessing Aniruddha offering chocolates to Jhanak, Arshi gets upset. When Aniruddha and Jhanak come home, Arshi blames them for cheating her. However, Aniruddha makes it clear that he was just helping her. But Arshi, in anger, breaks her relationship with Aniruddha.

Later, Jhanak tries to tell her part of the story. She reveals that Aniruddha, out of humanity, was trying to help her, nothing else. But nobody would believe her. Shristi also doesn’t want Arshi and Aniruddha’s relationship to break, so she tries to resolve the issue. Soon, Jhanak joins her hands and requests Arshi not to break her marriage.

Jhanak is a Star Plus show starring Hiba Nawab as Jhanak, Krushal Ahuja as Aniruddha, and Chandani as Srishti.