Ranjeet points gun at Elahi in Colors TV’s Junooniyatt

Junooniyatt: Ranjeet points gun at Elahi

Junooniyatt the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has successfully managed to create an impression via its diverse and unique concept. As seen so far, Jordan receives a call from Ekam, and they discover information about Ranjeet’s ex-wife. Jordan decides to sit in the mandap, and Jahaan goes to Ranjeet’s house in search of Shikha. As the wedding ceremony begins, Husna calls Ranjeet and tells him that Shikha is in danger. Ranjeet is tensed and leaves the mandap, and Jordan takes his place beside Elahi. Ranjeet watches the CCTV footage of his house and discovers that Shikha is in the storeroom. Meanwhile, Jahaan wants to rescue Shikha and flee the place with the goons standing at the door with guns.

Now, in the coming episode, as Jahaan and Shikha plan to leave, two goons point guns at them, but Jahaan escapes. Meanwhile, Jordan and Elahi at the mandap are anxious as the wedding ceremony proceeds. The goons discover that Husna was making calls and force her to call Jordan to come out. Jordan’s friends at the Mehta Mansion are worried about his whereabouts and ask Maheep, who lies that she knows where Jordan is.

Ranjeet slaps Husna, and the goons take Jordan to the railway track. Jahaan discovers Husna lying on the floor and learns about Jordan’s situation, prompting him to go and rescue him. Back at the mandap, Elahi points a knife at Ranjeet’s neck and demands that he tell the truth to everyone. Ranjeet pulls out his gun and aims it at Elahi.

Will Elahi be able to stop her marriage with Ranjeet?

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