Star Bharat’s Kartik Purnima is a Cinderella story of a dusky girl Purnima and her journey with her lover Kartik and their tryst to win over everyone against all family and societal pressures to make their love story come true.

The current track focuses on Purnima and Kartik went for a coffee date and Kartik asked her what kind of guy she wants to get married to? Purnima replies she wants someone who will help other people and suddenly she saw Vicky and tells Kartik that Vicky saved her once when she was caught by some goons.

The upcoming episode of Star Bharat’s Kartik Purnima is gearing up for a high voltage drama in the storyline where Purnima’s rishta will be finalized with Vicky as he will win the heart and appreciation of Kuldeep by saving Purnima. Then a big revelation the audience to witness is that Beena and Nani have planted Vicky so Purnima gets married to him and leaves the house. But Kartik figures out that Vicky is a conman and investigates him.

Will Kartik be able to collect proofs against Vicky? Will Purnima end up marrying Vicky?

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