Udti Ka Naam Rajjo the Star Plus show produced by Bits & Bots Media has seen engaging drama with Urvashi going missing from the hospital. As we know, Arjun (Rajveer Singh) fainted after the race with Rajjo (Celesti Bairaagey). After being in the hospital in a critical condition, Arjun is recovering now. However, more problems await the family with Urvashi going missing.

We wrote about how Rajjo was blamed for Urvashi going missing. However, Arjun wanted to find the truth.

The coming drama will see the return of Vicky (Ankit Narang) to the centre stage. He will be shown to be the person to have kidnapped Urvashi. However, something will be amiss. But Urvashi will be shown being kept captive by Vicky.

Urvashi will later blame Vicky and Rajjo to be a team. She will reveal that the two of them wanted to amass money from Arjun. Hence they kidnapped her.


Will Urvashi’s words be believed by Arjun?