Udti Ka Naam Rajjo the Star Plus show produced by Bits & Bots Media has seen engaging drama with Rajjo (Celesti Bairagey) being forced out of Arjun’s (Rajveer Singh) life by the mothers. While Arjun’s mother wants to get rid of Rajjo, Rajjo’s mother has announced her wedding with Vicky.

We saw how Pushkar threatened Manorama to take her daughter and get out of his life. Manorama has no option but to get Rajjo married. She has called in a suitor, that is Vicky. We at IWMBuzz.com had written about Ankit Narang entering the show.

The coming drama will see Rajjo and Arjun moving towards their respective wedding dates. But Arjun will always sense a problem with Vicky (Ankit Narang).

Big drama will kickstart when just before the wedding, Vicky will desire to make money by trafficking Rajjo.

Yes, Vicky plans to get rid of Rajjo and make big money.

Will Arjun sense this impending danger on Rajjo? Will he save her?