The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Starts with Sanjana holding a knife near Sonakshi’s neck and forcing Dev to say that he loves her or else she would harm Sonakshi. Sonakshi waits for the right moment and pushes Sanjana and takes the knife from her hand. Vicky arrives at the hospital with the cops and asks them to arrest Sanjana. Sonakshi tells Sanjana that she requires therapy and that she is mentally unstable.
Everyone returns home and Dev thanks Ishwari as she helped them through. Ishwari tells Dev and Sonakshi that it is her responsibility to keep her family safe and happy. After a while, the Verma enters Dixit house and apologizes to Dev and Sonakshi as they trusted Sanjana over them. Later on, Dev takes Sonakshi to their bedroom and gives her a rose and thanks her for everything that she has done for him and his family. Neha finally tells everyone that she is pregnant and that Sonakshi inspired her to keep her baby. Everyone is happy for Sanjana. After 4-5 months the Dixit’s decide to celebrate Dev and Sonakshi’s wedding anniversary. Sonakshi’s baba comes to Dixit house and thanks Ishwari for everything that she has done for Sonakshi. Dev and Sonakshi cut the cake and Suhana asks everyone to dance. While Dev and Sonakshi are dancing they both promise each other that they will always stick together and will grow old together. Suhana asks everyone to take a family photo.