Sony Entertainment Television’s Kathaa Ankahee has been ruling hearts with interesting storylines. The show impresses the audience with its exciting twists and turns. According to the storyline, Kathaa (Aditi Sharma) and Viaan (Adnan Khan) meet at the office the next day. Soon, Viaan takes out a special gift and presents it in front of Kathaa. The latter gets very happy to receive a special gift from Viaan. He gets a bracelet for Kathaa and makes her wear the same. Viaan mentions that he forgot to give the gift on her birthday. Kathaa blushes after seeing her gift.

In a daring attempt to bring Kailash and Viaan closer, Aarav’s plan takes a dangerous turn. Sneaking out of school, he stages an emergency scenario in an empty room, hoping it would soften Kailash’s stance towards Viaan. However, the situation quickly spirals out of control as Aarav becomes trapped in a maintenance room that catches fire. Viaan searches for Aarav in the room.

In the coming episode, Viaan will jump into the fire after witnessing Aarav in danger. Viaan will risk his life and finally save Aarav. Kailash will witness Viaan’s bravery and will get emotional. Later, Kailash would speak to Aditya’s photo, informing him that he was responsible for bringing Viaan into Katha’s life.

Will Kailash accept Viaan?

The story is about Kathaa and Viaan, who discover the trials of love when an unforgettable incident creates a rift between them while also keeping them bound. The show features Adnan Khan, Aditi Sharma, Ajinkya Mishra, Sheen Dass, Vishal Gandhi, Samar Vermani, Gireesh Sahdev, and Reeta Prajapati.