Sony Entertainment Television’s Kathaa Ankahee has been ruling hearts with interesting storylines. The show impresses the audience with its exciting twists and turns. According to the storyline, Teji pays a visit to Katha’s house and advises Kailash that they should begin arranging for the Roka ceremony. Soon, Viaan proposes to Kathaa, who gladly accepts and promises not to leave each other.

Kathaa (Aditi Sharma) and Viaan (Adnan Khan) find solace in a joyous occasion as their wedding date is fixed. In a tender moment of shared dreams, they playfully imagine exchanging heartfelt vows, sealing their commitment in a tapestry of love. In their imagination, they slip into bridal attire, the ethereal garments mirroring the purity of their affection. With laughter and anticipation dancing in their eyes, Kathaa and Viaan’s bond grows even stronger as they cherish this adorable moment. Viaan asks Kathaa if she ate the entire pastry. When Kathaa says yes, Viaan panics and tells her that he hid the ring in the pastry.

In the coming episode, during Viaan and Kathaa’s roka ceremony, a delightful surprise unfolded as Viaan’s Maaya Maasi makes an entry. Viaan’s face lit up with happiness upon spotting her, and he eagerly introduces her to Kathaa. Maaya Maasi learns about Kathaa’s son named Aarav. What could have been a potentially awkward moment gracefully transformed into something heartwarming, as Maaya Maasi starts bonding with Aarav and Kathaa.

Are you excited to see their cute moment?

The story is about Kathaa and Viaan, who discover the trials of love when an unforgettable incident creates a rift between them while also keeping them bound. The show features Adnan Khan, Aditi Sharma, Ajinkya Mishra, Sheen Dass, Vishal Gandhi, Samar Vermani, Gireesh Sahdev, and Reeta Prajapati.