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Drama galore in &TV's Badho Bahu.

Komal to face new trouble in &TV’s Badho Bahu

Makers of &TV’s Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up and Hum Tum Tele-Films) are known for bringing unique plots to keep fans glued to their seats.

After Balwinder aka Ankit Arora’s entry sequence, currently the show is narrating the story wherein Komal (Rytasha Rathore) will be accused for instigating the women of the village.

In the coming episode, the entire Alahawat family will celebrate Komal, Lakha (Prince Narula) and Rana’s (Arhaan Khan) win. However, Sangram Singh (Rajeev Singh) will enter the spot and would ask them to stop the celebration. He along with Sita and Gita will accuse Komal of instigating the women of the village to go against their families.

Furthermore, Komal will not be permitted to enter their village’s ‘akhadas’. Hence, Raghuveer (Pankaj Dheer) and Lakha will take Komal to the ‘akhadas’ of other villages, but no one will give her the permission to enter their ‘akhadas’.

What will happen next? Will Komal be banned from wrestling?

Unfortunately, the actors remained out of reach.

Are you excited to witness the intriguing drama?

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