The Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will see a huge high point with Sikandar and Kulfi’s emotional moment ending in her getting her voice.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar triumphs as Kulfi regains her voice

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, the popular Star Plus show will now see the huge turnaround created by the hard work and determination of the father Sikandar (Mohit Malik). reported about Sikandar planning to give Kulfi (Aakriti Sharma) yet another shock by putting his life in danger in the show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. He would have planned to be under a chandelier which will fall on him, but he will plan to save himself at the nick of time. Sikandar’s idea will be to provide this shock to Kulfi so that she gets her voice back. If you have missed reading the story, you can read it here.

Loyal viewers of the show can see a miracle happening with Sikandar’s plan working!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

As per sources, “Sikandar will sing the first paragraph of the Sufiyana song and will plan the chandelier accident to happen just before the second paragraph would commence. And in between the song, Kulfi will see the shocking incident of Sikandar almost losing his life, and will scream out his name.”

This will be a very emotional father-daughter moment which will result in Kulfi singing and competing in the round by singing the next paragraph and ending the song with elan.


Are you all excited to see this fabulous sequence in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala?

We buzzed artists but could not get through for comments.

Watch this space for more updates.

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