Lockdown Ki Lovestory will see Dhruv and Sonam tackling a COVID patient in the neighborhood and educating him.

Lockdown Ki Lovestory Spoiler Alert: Dhruv and Sonam to create awareness in a COVID patient

Lockdown Ki Lovestory the Star Plus show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions is a show that depicts the problems that the normal man encounters during the pandemic phase. This is seen via a love story of Dhruv (Mohit Malik) and Sonam (Sana Sayyad).

The love story will take a backseat for a while as Dhruv and Sonam will address the issue of COVID-19 directly.

Yes, the neighbourhood of Dhruv will have a COVID victim and the man will fear going to the isolation ward in the hospital. He will blatantly refuse to leave his home when Dhruv and Sonam will do their bit, of course valiantly to educate the man to admit himself in the hospital.

While Sonam will go the terrace of Dhruv’s family to talk to the COVID patient who will be on his adjacent terrace, Dhruv will heroically get hold of the police loudspeaker and will talk to the man about what he needs to do to keep himself and people around him safe.

This will be a very interesting sequence considering the pandemic situation that the whole of India is presently stuck in.

The show Lockdown Ki Lovestory will create an awareness of the need of getting treated on time if affected.

We buzzed actors of Lockdown Ki Lovestory, but did not get to hear.

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