Lockdown Ki Lovestory will see Shashikant giving permission to Sonam for staying in the Jaiswal house after testing positive for COVID.

Lockdown Ki Lovestory Spoiler Alert: Shashikant grants permission for Sonam’s home quarantine

Lockdown Ki Lovestory the Star Plus show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions is full of drama with Dhruv’s (Mohit Malik) wedding happening with Milky (Anjita Poonia) instead of Sonam (Sana Sayyad).

Now, with Sonam testing positive for COVID, she is being forced by the BMC and police to take shelter in the Jaiswal house where she was residing earlier.

However, Milky (Anjita Poonia) will object to Sonam being home-quarantined in the Jaiswal house.

In the huge argument that will happen at home, Milky will try her best to throw Sonam out.

All this will end up in Shashikant (Vijay Kumar) slapping Dhruv and deciding that Sonam will stay in the house for 14 days.

As per a reliable source, “Dhruv will be all teary-eyed with Shashikant’s blunt facts. Sonam will be given an open space in the living room of the house wherein she will cook and fend for herself.”

How will Sonam’s stay in isolation be at the Jaiswal house?

We buzzed actors of Lockdown Ki Lovestory but could not get through.

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