Maati Se Bandhi Dor the Star Plus television show produced by Sobo Films has started well, with Vaiju (Rutuja Bajwe) shown as the hard-working girl who supports her family by farming her lands. She suffered a big loss when her grown paddy was burnt up by Jaykant, for which Vaiju reacted angrily. The show also introduced viewers to Ranvijay (Ankit Gupta) who was an avid footballer, studying in the same college as Vaiju’s sister Jaya.

The upcoming episode will see Vansundhara reacting angrily to Jaykant’s deeds. She will tell the family that they need the goodwill of their people to prosper. She will ask Jaykant to go and apologize to Vaiju for burning her sacks. Jaykant however, will be drunk when he will come to Vaiju’s household.

Vaiju will be angry and will give back at Vasundhara for sending a drunken man at her household to apologize at night time. Vaiju’s honest but frank words will hurt Vasundhara so much that she will call her son Ranvijay and will talk to him about the hurt that a girl gave her with her words.

Ranvijay will sense his mother’s pain and will want to teach the girl a lesson.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor Ep 3 29th May Written Episode Update

Vaiju reached Vashundhara’s household and took two sacks of grain from them and told them that this is for the sacks that were burnt by the family.

What will happen next?

Set against the backdrop of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, the Star Plus show Maati Se Bandhi Dor depicts the struggles and journey of Vaiju, who works in the fields to earn money and support her family. But destiny has some other plans. Vaiju is family-oriented, hardworking, and visionary, and she aims to uplift her lifestyle and work towards the betterment of the village. The Star Plus show Maati Se Bandhi Dor will showcase the emotional turmoil of Vaiju, who struggles through life to help her family, and the alterations that occur in her life after her encounter with Rannvijay. The show has Ankit Gupta and Rutuja Bajwe playing the leads.