It will be a nail biting sequence in Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah in the Maha Episode with Kabir’s life being in danger. Read it here.

Maha Episode of Ishq Subhan Allah: Will Kabir survive the car accident?

The Maha Episode to beam this weekend in Zee TV’s popular show Ishq Subhan Allah produced by Creative Eye will bring in lot of intrigue and nail-biting moments for the viewers.

There will be happiness in Kabir’s (Adnan Khan) household with Kabir being given the responsibility of Sheher Qazi. Meanwhile, Sameer will plan to avenge the humiliation he has faced.

When Kabir will move out of the house for the Shariya board, Sameer will order his henchmen to kill Kabir on the road.

And as seen in the shocking promo, a truck will ram into Kabir’s car.

As per a reliable source, “It will be a tense moment for Zara (Eisha Singh) as she will know of Kabir’s life being in danger. She will come to the spot to save him, but will see Kabir’s car just stopped right at the end of the cliff.”


Will Zara save Kabir?

If sources are to be believed, the Maha Episode will end on a happy note with Kabir being saved.

Are you eager to see this sequence?

We buzzed actors but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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