High voltage drama in &TV show

Mahi’s health to deteriorate in Bitti Businesswali

&TV’s show Bitti Businesswali (Raakesh Paswan) will witness some high voltage drama in the forthcoming episode.

In the recent drama, Mahi (Abhishek Bajaj) gets shot and is saved after getting operated.

Now, he will learn a shocking development about his health which will shatter him.

Shares a source, “Mahi will still be sick. He will cough and see blood stains on his handkerchief. He will get shocked and visit the doctor. The doctor will inform him that his kidneys are damaged after being shot. He will also tell Mahi that he has only 6 months to live. After this, Mahi will get depressed thinking about what will happen to Bitti (Prakruti Mishra) after him.”

Will Mahi tell Bitti about his health?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with the actors for comment.

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