Main Hoon Saath Tere the Zee TV television show produced by Full House Media has seen engaging drama with Aryaman (Karan Vohra) having his own doubts on Janvi (Ulka Gupta) and her involvement in his father’s attack. Later, Janvi explained her situation and justified her acts which Arya had misunderstood to be a ploy against his father. Together, they set foot on finding proof against the culprit with the one clue they had.

The upcoming episode will see both of them getting locked in the registrar’s office owing to which they will be forced to spend time together. Amidst their plan to search for files, Arya and Janvi will get into an argument about their marriage, when Arya will tell Janvi that he had actually denied when Kian spoke of the alliance.

Janvi will be shocked to know that Kian wants her to marry Aryaman. Janvi will request Arya to stay away from Kian from now on. She will tell him that he is getting too close to Kian which might become a problem later on.

Main Hoon Saath Tere Ep 25 23rd May Written Episode Update

Aryaman cornered Janvi and blamed her for being responsible for the attack of Brij Sir. However, Janvi justified her innocence. The two of them joined hands in finding the truth.

What will happen next?

Viewers of Main Hoon Saath Tere will find themselves rooting for Kian to approve of Aryaman as the perfect partner for his mother Janvi. Despite being deprived of his father’s love all through his childhood, he develops a beautiful bond with young Kian and Janvi. And it will be interesting to see if Kian becomes the catalyst for this love story to unfold. While Janvi and Kian will be played by the talented Ulka Gupta and the adorable Nihan Jain respectively, Aryaman will be played by none other than the television heartthrob- Karan Vohra.