Main Hoon Saath Tere the Zee TV television show produced by Full House Media has seen engaging drama with Arya (Karan Vohra) helping Janvi (Ulka Gupta) at her home when she was caught by goons. We saw how Kian called up his Hero Uncle to save his mother. It took a fight with the goons for Arya to save Janvi. However, the ill health and fear of Kian forced Arya to stay in Janvi’s house for the night. We also know that Janvi does not know Arya’s real identity and believes him to be Murli, who is a friend of Brij’s son.

The upcoming episode will see Arya in the hotel handling his work. We know that he is in the guise of a worker in the hotel to find out about the culprit who attempted to kill his father. None in his family except Ujjwala and Suyash know of him not going to Australia.

However, in the episodes to air, Prince, Raina’s son will fight with Kian at the cricket academy. Kian will tell Prince about his uncle teaching him cover drives. Prince too will want to learn from the man and the two kids will reach the hotel. Prince upon seeing Arya, will run to him addressing him as Mamu. Janvi will see this and will be shocked.

Main Hoon Saath Tere Ep 16 14th May Written Episode Update

Aryaman reached Janvi’s house and saved her from the goons. Kian fainted and the doctor was called. Kian’s fear and ill health forced Arya to stay at Janvi’s place at night.

Will Janvi learn the truth?

Viewers of Main Hoon Saath Tere will find themselves rooting for Kian to approve of Aryaman as the perfect partner for his mother Janvi. Despite being deprived of his father’s love all through his childhood, he develops a beautiful bond with young Kian and Janvi. And it will be interesting to see if Kian becomes the catalyst for this love story to unfold. While Janvi and Kian will be played by the talented Ulka Gupta and the adorable Nihan Jain respectively, Aryaman will be played by none other than the television heartthrob- Karan Vohra.