Mariam's 'alertness' to save her in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live

Mariam to be in a spot of bother in the Star Plus show.

Mariam’s ‘alertness’ to save her in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live

Drama is at its peak in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live (Somersault Productions).

Audience witnessed Mariam (Deshna Dugad) inviting Aayat to the party and asking her to accompany her. Everyone notice Aayat entering the Eid party, which shocks them. Aijaaz tries to stop Aayat.

We also reported earlier about Rifat planning something vicious and proposing to get Meher (Sheena Bajaj) married to Zain (Avinash Mishra).

Now, in the upcoming drama, Mariam will go to the market with her friends, unaware that a lady is following them to kidnap her.

Meanwhile, the Khan family will get shocked upon learning about Rifat’s plan to get Meher and Zain married. Meher will make a decision and announce it to everyone which will shock them.

Later, the lady will try to kidnap Mariam but she would fail and Mariam would manage to escape the situation with an evidence.

Will Mariam manage to find out the lady?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with the actors.

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