The Star Plus show, Mariam Khan – Reporting Live will see Mariam’s daring act to tackle the bomb she carries with her.

Mariam’s efforts to diffuse the bomb in Mariam Khan – Reporting Live recently reported about Mariam’s (Deshna Dugad) tryst with terrorists and bombs in Pakistan!!

As we know, the Star Plus show, Mariam Khan – Reporting Live (Somesault Productions) will see the mission of terrorists to have bomb blasts on the occasion of Independence Day in Pakistan.

We wrote about Mariam accidentally taking the bag which has bomb in it.

We now hear of Mariam’s daring act that will save many lives.

As per sources, “Mariam will be shrewd enough to identify and understand that her bag has something devious in it, which can explode. She will immediately think of means to diffuse the bomb. When she will see water, she will think of an idea to diffuse it.”

Mariam will bravely fling the bag with bomb into water in order to eradicate its effects.

We buzzed artists, but could not get through for a comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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