Zee TV show Meet produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the last few weeks. According to the storyline, Rajvardhan tells Tej that he had wished to travel to the holy place for thirty days with Babita and asks Tej if he can accompany them. Tej happily agrees. However, after he gets sick, Meet promises to take Rajvardhan on a pilgrimage.

Barfi Devi vows to stop Meet from doing so. Meet helps Rajvardhan get his pilgrimage urn. Later, Neelam threatens Rajvardhan of suicide to persuade him to have breakfast. Meet asks the investors to choose between money or company. She later fears that the investors might learn the truth.

Now, in the coming episode, the Ahlawat family welcomes Lord Ganesh home and also performs puja. However, post the puja gets completed, Barfi throws a challenge at Meet Hooda. She asks her to compete with Neelam and make 101 ladoos. She mentions that if Meet fails to make she won’t come to the puja. Meet Hooda accepts the challenge.

OMG! Will Meet manage to win?

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