Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali the Star Plus show produced by SOL Films has seen Pallavi (Shivangi Khedkar) getting angry at Raghav (Sai Ketan Rao) when he asked her to leave him and go back to Kolhapur. We wrote about how Pallavi took a broomstick and hit Raghav and even got angry at him.

Even when Raghav apologized for his mistake, Pallavi has not forgiven him.

At this juncture, Raghav will get to know Pallavi’s cute habit of conversing through Hindi film songs. He will also decide to speak his heart out via a song.

With the help of Milind, Raghav will take the effort to learn a Hindi song and will decide to sing it before Pallavi.

Raghav’s rendition of ‘Tum Aagaye Ho’ will make Pallavi speechless and she will reply with the song ‘Bahut Shukriya Badi Meherbaani’.


Do you like to see this cute sequence of conversation through songs between Raghav and Pallavi?