Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehndi Wala Ghar, produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions, is ruling hearts with interesting storylines. According to the plot, Mauli calls Aashna with an unknown and disguises herself as a tarot card reader employee, Baba. She asked Aashna to come tomorrow and visit at 9 in the morning.

Soon, Mauli and Rahul disguise themselves as the Tarot card reader’s employee and Tarot card reader Baba. Manas comes with Aashna and asks about their marriage and relationship. Meanwhile, Mauli’s aunt at home plans to bring everyone to the market so that Manas’s truth can be revealed.

Mehndi Wala Ghar Ep 57 11th April 2024 Spoiler

In the coming episode, the viewers will see that Manas and Aashna come out of the tarot card reader shop and roam the market together, where all the housemates are already shopping. Soon, Mauli’s aunt shows Manas roaming with a girl. As soon as Manas comes home, everyone looks at him frowning. When Manas asks what happened, Manoj slaps him. It seems Rahul and Mauli’s master plan to reveal Manas’s true identity has become successful.

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