Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehndi Wala Ghar produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions is ruling hearts with interesting storylines. According to the plot, Manas gets angry at Rahul for ruining his date with Mauli. However, Rahul exposes Manas by revealing that the food was ordered by Manas and not cooked. The family members gather and learn about Manas’s act and gets shocked. Mauli too remains speechless after learning Manas’s truth.

To get the brothers close during the Holi festivities, Mauli plans to recreate their childhood memories by dressing them in similar clothes. She goes to the warehouse to get the fabric where Rahul comes and offers her help. Mauli tells him that she can manage herself and doesn’t need his help. While removing the fabric from the top of the cupboard Mauli loses her balance and Rahul tries to help her but eventually, both fall down and get tangled with a cloth. Hearing them scream, Janki Maa, Swara Tayji, Tanvi Tayji and Ajanta come to the warehouse and see Rahul and Mauli on the floor tangled together.

In the coming episode, Mauli makes similar kurta for the siblings and they remember their childhood memories. During Holi celebration, Mili’s friends enter the house and thanks the family members for inviting them. Janki Maa gets angry as she doesn’t like people coming from outside to play Holi. To save Mili, Mauli gets trapped as the family members believe, she invited Mili’s friends. Janki Maa gets furious at her. Manas tries to apologize on her behalf but Rahul comes to Mauli’s rescue. He reveals that Mauli has not invited Mili’s friends. In fact, it was someone else, who had called them.

Is it Manas? Will Rahul expose him?

The narrative revolves around the Agrawal family residing in Ujjain, specifically at Agrawal Sadan, fondly known as Mehndi Wala Ghar. The show delves into the joys, laughter, and togetherness that define the fabric of a joint family. The ensemble cast includes notable actors such as Shruti Anand, Shehzad Shaikh, Vibha Chibber, Kanwarjit Paintal, Karan Mehra, Ravi Gossain, Rushad Rana, Arpit Kapoor, Aastha Choudhary, Gunn Kansara, Ushma Rathod, Khalida Jan, and Reema Vohra, among others.