Meri Gudiya the new Star Bharat show will see the highpoint of Madhuri breathing her last after an accident.

Meri Gudiya: Shocking death of Madhuri in an accident

Meri Gudiya the Star Bharat show is the emotional journey of Avi (Jinisha Bhaduri) whose bond with her mother continues even after the death of her mother. Her mother’s soul will enter the doll she loves the most and thus will protect her from evil. The emotional fantasy-based show is produced by Anirudh Pathak’s Writers’ Galaxy.

Well, the show will see its biggest highpoint in tonight’s episode which will be a Maha episode.

As we know, it will bring to an end the life of Madhuri Gujral (Aalisha Panwar), that is with her shocking death.

As per a reliable source, “Avi is being shielded by her mother’s love and Ratri(Vidhisha Shrivastava) will want to put an end to Avi’s shield. So she will plan the death of Madhuri. It will be a major accident that will result in Madhuri’s death.”

This will be an emotional sequence wherein Madhuri would be returning after doing her parikrama at the temple when Ratri will put poison in her bracelet owing to which she will meet with an accident.

This will be a crucial sequence in the show as Madhuri’s death will take the tale to the next big high wherein her soul will enter the doll that Avi loves so much.

Are you sad about this high point?

We buzzed Aalisha but could not get through.

Watch this space at for updates.

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