Witness the ‘Anokhi Shaadi of the year’ with Star Bharat’s series “Na Umra Ki Seema Ho,” which captured viewers’ attention with its wonderful story and fantastic portrayal of the relationship between Dev and Vidhi, portrayed by Iqbal Khan and Rachana Mistry, respectively. Through their characters, they have finally demonstrated to the audience that love knows no bounds by finally preparing for their marriage, shattering the stereotypical thought of the society. The big Day has arrived in Dev and Vidhi’s lives. Rachana Mistry who plays the role of Vidhi shares her excitement and the preparation about the wedding sequence in the show.

She says, ‘It’s a happy moment for Vidhi and Dev as they are finally stepping towards a new journey of their life. My character has developed a lot and she has gained the confidence which has brought her today to the stage where she fought for her love and stood against the society. It’s been a rocky road for Dev and Vidhi but eventually things have turned out well for them and now they are all set to get married. And talking about me as playing Vidhi I’m enjoying this wedding sequence it’s so much fun. Everybody on sets is dancing and enjoying just like a real wedding function. I hope that the viewers will also have fun and shower their blessing on Dev and Vidhi for their new journey.

The show had a rocky beginning when Dev and Vidhi were hesitant to express their care and love for one another because they were bound by the stereotypical ideologies of society. As a result, they encountered many obstacles when expressing their love for one another, but today they are finally getting ready for their wedding, and the families of Dev and Vidhi have already begun planning for their big day in the show.