Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origin has seen the Pandya family not able to beat the loss of Shiva’s (Kanwar Dhillon) death. However, we know as of now that Shiva is alive and has got back to Somnath. But since the family has bagged the insurance of Shiva, he is not able to reveal that he is alive to his family.

We saw how Dhara (Shiny Doshi) saw Shiva in the disguise of a bangle seller and ran after him.

The coming episode will see the emotional reunion of the mother and son, Dhara and Shiva. They will be in tears on seeing each other. Shiva will explain to Dhara that they can land up in jail if he comes before them.

Dhara will be worried for Raavi who has been thinking only about Shiva from the time he has gone. However, Shiva will tell Dhara to keep quiet and not reveal to anyone that he is alive.

Dhara who will go home, will not be able to handle Raavi’s stress and will want Raavi to meet Shiva. Dhara will tell Raavi that she will take her out and will ask her to get ready.

Are you all ready for the dramatic reunion of Shiva and Raavi?