Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origin has seen engaging drama with the show taking a seven years leap. Dhara, Gautam and Chikoo live a sad life, as they long to meet their family. Now Suman has got sick and has just undergone a heart attack. Chikoo’s call to the Pandya brothers has brought them back to Somnath wherein they have come to just meet their ailing mother for one last time.

We wrote about how Dhara and Suman schemed and faked about Suman being severely ill. Their idea is to hold back their family from moving out again. The coming track will see Dhara and Suman putting up many hurdles that will literally stop the brothers from going back.

The coming episode will see one such moment in the plot wherein Dhara will have a tiff with Raavi. As we know, both Raavi and Rishita blame Dhara for the doom falling in their family.

Now, Raavi will tell Dhara categorically that Suman is the only connect between them and the house. And once that is broken, they will move out. Raavi will demand Dhara to give them their share of money from the property.

What will happen next?