Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origins has seen exciting drama with Shweta (Ankita Bahuguna) getting back into the Pandya house to split them apart. She has started playing her game and has targeted her weak link in Rishita. She knows that she can create problems between Rishita (Simran Budharup) and Raavi (Alice Kaushik).

The coming episode will see big drama in the Pandya house just before Diwali. Shweta will look for the proper opportunity to sow the seed of jealousy in Rishita. She will tell Dhara about her plan of sending Raavi and Shiva to Goa. Hearing this, Rishita will flare up and will engage in a fight with Dhara. She will question Dhara’s intentions and will ask Dhara if they have money only to spend on Raavi and Shiva and not on her daughter Chutki. Rishita will demand the family to gift gold to her daughter during Diwali, failing which she will leave home.


What will happen next?