Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origin will see Dhawal begging Natasha to get back into his life. He will be seen confessing his love genuinely. Read this track information here.

Pandya Store Spoiler: Dhawal begs for Natasha’s love

Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origin has given rise to immense drama wherein Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) has refused to wed Suhani. As we know, the mess-ups at the wedding finally halted Dhawal from marrying Suhani. Amidst all this, Dhawal had an eye-opener moment when he accused Natasha of getting close to Sandip. Natasha broke all ties with Dhawal, and this led to the moment when Dhawal realized that he wanted nothing else apart from Natasha in life.

Amidst all this, the Pandya family has been blaming Amresh for all the mishaps that have happened in Dhawal’s life. Amresh gets blamed for ruining his own brother’s life. Amresh is upset and does not know what to do.

Dhawal on the other hand, is very clear in his thoughts now. He wants Natasha back in his life and will do anything for it.

The coming episode will see Dhawal going to Natasha’s house and whisking her away by tying her mouth. He will take her to a well-decorated place and will want to marry her. He will propose to her genuinely and will tell Natasha that he has now understood the meaning of love and marriage and that he wants her back.

Natasha will be so annoyed that she will crush Dhawal’s hopes of reconciliation.

Pandya Store Ep 1007 22nd January Written Episode Update

Chirag and Bhaven blamed Amresh for ruining Dhawal’s life. On the other hand, Dhawal was determined that he wanted Natasha back in his life.

What will happen now?

As we know, Pandya Store has gone through a generation leap. With the audience bidding adieu to its earlier cast, that included Kinshuk Mahajan, Shiny Doshi, Akshay Kharodia, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Simran Budharup, Mohit Parmar, Maira Dharti Sharma, the new cast has entered. Priyanshi Yadav and Rohit Chandel play the leads.