Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origin has seen engaging drama with the Pandya family becoming richer by many lakhs as the insurance company rewarded them with the amount in order to praise their sincerity. The money game has made everyone in the Pandya house a spendthrift. They have renovated their house and have made it posh. They are living a luxurious life but the money they spend in their day-to-day life is messy.

Suman in the coming episode will be shocked to see everyone in the family having a changed attitude towards living life. She will be upset on seeing things being wasted at home, electricity being used even when not needed and money being spent on commodities like water.

She will decide to set things back in place and will call all of her family members for a talk. With everything in the house being topsy-turvy, Suman will get irritated with all of her sons and family.

Will Suman be able to correct the Pandya family? What is in store for them?