Interesting drama in Zee show

Pihu to get kidnapped in Zee TV’s Bhootu

Zee TV’s popular drama Bhootu (Essel Vision Productions) is leaving to stone unturned to entertain audience with intriguing drama.

As seen so far, Mohini and Bobby fall in the trap and sign the papers which prove that the house belongs to Anandita (Akanksha Chamola).

In the coming episode, audience will witness fake Pihu aka Shona’s (Arshiya Mukherjee) entry. Mohini (Shivangi Verma) and Bobby (Tushar Khanna) will make Shona a part of their new plan to steal back the house from Anandita. Bobby will inform everyone that Pihu will decide the owner of the house.”

Meanwhile, Pihu and Shona will come face to face for the first time. The little girl will be shocked to see her doppelganger. Soon, Mohini will kidnap Pihu. Shona aka fake Pihu will behave differently and speak in favour of Bobby which would come as a shock to everyone. Later, she would also act rudely with Anandita as she would sing the lori.

On the other hand, Pihu will be pain and would pray to Kanha (Viraaj Kapoor) to help her out.

Will Kanha help her? How will she manage to escape the situation?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actors for a comment.

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