Piyush to ‘propose’ Deepika in style in Star Plus’ Dhhai Kilo Prem

It will be a happy ending for the Star Plus Dopahar show.

Piyush to ‘propose’ Deepika in style in Star Plus’ Dhhai Kilo Prem

It’s been a a tough phase for the cast and crew of Star Plus’ Dopahar show Dhhai Kilo Prem (Sandiip Sikcand and Balaji Telefilms) to bid adieu to each other as they wrapped up shoot yesterday.

The loyal viewers of the show who have enjoyed and been enthralled by the amazing onscreen chemistry of Piyush (Meherzan Mazda) and Deepika (Anjali Anand) will see a happy ending!!

The finale sequence of the show will see Piyush finally admitting to have fallen in love with Deepika and her cuteness.

As per a source, “Piyush will be seen going through a realization wherein he will understand that Deepika has always supported him and that he has fallen for her. This realization will lead up to the ‘propose’ sequence wherein he will go on his knees and say the magical words ‘I Love You’ to her.”

Also, Meghna (Alice Kaushik) and Rahul (Rahul Mishra) will be accepted by the family and this will bring in more joy and happiness.

Are you all ready to witness this cute love proposal of Piyush?

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

As we know, Dhhai Kilo Prem addressed the love tale of two obese people, contrast in their characteristics. The show has gained lot of appreciation, with its lead actors enjoying all the limelight and popularity.

Unfortunately with Star Plus deciding to call off its afternoon band, Dhhai Kilo Prem along with the other Dopahar shows will close down.

Let’s join in to bid adieu to the cast and crew of Dhhai Kilo Prem.

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