High voltage drama in Zee TV's Piya Albela.

Pooja and Naren to join hands in Zee TV’s Piya Albela

Loyal viewers Zee TV’s popular daily Piya Albela (Rajshri Productions) will see an amazing twist in the storyline.

Audiences have already seen Naren (Akshay Mhatre) visiting Rang Gali. Now, he will take the responsibility of teaching the kids who reside there. Pooja (Sheen Dass) will join hands with Naren and together both will open a school in the temple.

As per a reliable source, Pooja and Naren have fondness for each other. However, both are unaware about their feelings. Neelima (Parul Chaudhary) will learn about a major trouble that can occur in her life and she will think that Pooja will try to bring the reality if she learns about it. Hence Neelima will decide to get rid of Pooja.”

Furthermore, Neelima and Kunal (Ankit Vyas) will create trouble in Pooja’s life through her evil plans. She will also soon plan a major move to chop Pooja out of their life.

What will be Neelima’s plan? Who will be Pooja’s saviour?

We couldn’t connect with the actors as they were busy shooting.

Are you excited to watch this thrilling drama?

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