Rabb Se Hai Dua the Zee TV show produced by LSD Films will see Gazal getting tricked by Hamida, Heena and Gulnaaz to sign on legal papers that talk about abortion. Read this track info here.

Rabb Se Hai Dua Spoiler: Gazal gets tricked into signing for an abortion

Rabb Se Hai Dua the Zee TV show produced by LSD Films has seen engaging drama with the ladies in the Akhtar house, Hamida, Heena and Gulnaaz deciding to kill Gazal (Richa Rathore) and her kid. They have teamed up for a cause as Dua (Aditi Sharma) and Haider (Karanvir Sharma) have announced that they will accept Gazal’s kid as theirs. The ladies have been scheming without the knowledge of Dua. Dua, however, is perturbed and has hallucinations of someone being in problem.

The coming episode will see the ladies planning big. They will go to Gazal’s farmhouse and will get some important signatures on document papers. Hamida and Gulnaaz will prepare legal documents which will have content of Gazal going away from the Akhtar house with her kid after taking a huge sum. Gazal will sign the papers without knowing that she is being tricked.

Hamida and Gulnaaz will later reveal to Heena that the papers are fake, but the signatures being real. They will reveal the real papers which will state that Gazal is ready to abort her kid.

Rabb Se Hai Dua Ep 368 17th January Written Episode Update

Gulnaaz explained her plan to both Hamida and Heena. The ladies got ready to execute their plan.

What will happen now?

Rabb Se Hai Dua the show on Zee TV produced by LSD Films stars Karanvir Sharma, Aditi Sharma and Richa Rathore in lead roles. The beautiful life of Haider and Dua is spoiled with the entry of Ghazal. Haider’s second marriage to Ghazal has ruined his family’s reputation. However, Haider stays unaware of Ghazal’s bad deeds and ill nature.