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Balram and Krishn to switch souls in RadhaKrishn

RadhaKrishn: Balram and Krishn to switch souls

Star Bharat’s popular show RadhaKrishn is keeping audience glued to their TV screens.

We earlier reported about Balram and Krishn coming face to face to fight against each other.

Now in the coming episode, Krishn and Balram take their stance to fight. Krishn asks permission to speak to Balram privately. Revati and Radha are worried. After a while Krishn-Balram come out into the arena, ready to fight. Balram overpowers Krishn in the fight and both of them exit the arena while fighting. Pralambasur follows them to know what’s up.

However, it is revealed that when Krishn and Balram went to talk privately in between the match, they had switched souls. So all this while, Krishn was in Balram’s body and Balram in Krishn’s body. Krishn-Balram show their true form to Pralambasur and Balram kills Pralambasur. Krishn & Balram tell everyone that they want to share their win. King Kukudmi is worried that there are two winners.

Who will marry Revati?

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