Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s larger than life mythological love story RadhaKrishn on Star Bharat has been gripping the audiences lately with its interesting storyline. As per the plot, Hanuman and Radha meet each other and decides to challenge.

Radha asks Hanuman to prove that he is the universe’s biggest devotee. Hanuman challenges that all Dwarka citizens will chant Jai Sri Ram soon. However, Radha challenges that citizens and Hanuman will chant Jai Sri Krishna. Meanwhile, Krishna thinks he will enjoy the battle of devotion.

Now, in the coming episode, Hanuman decides to take Mahadev’s help to learn about Radha’s secrets. However, Pavatri orders Mahadev to not help Hanuman. Mahadev meets Hanuman, who asks Mahadev for his help. However, he shares his dilemma and tells Hanuman that Radha has a superpower but he is not aware of it. Hanuman thinks about the same and wonders about Radha’s superpower. He decides to find the same.

Will he manage to find the superpower?

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