Star Bharat’s mythological love story RadhaKrishn produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary is serving a lot of drama to its audience. The show has been highly appreciated by the viewers for its plot and stellar performances by the actors. As seen so far, Krishna prepares a feast for Hanuman to welcome him to Dwarka. Meanwhile, Hanuman gets into a conflict with Garud Dev when he insults Shri Ram. While Garud Dev claims Krishna to be superior, Hanuman claims Ram to be a greater lord.

Later, Hanuman remembers Ram in his prays and requests him to come before him. Krishna finally decides to meet his devotee Hanuman and takes Ram avatar to meet him. Hanuman gets mesmerized to see his Lord Ram.

Now, in the coming episode, Hanuman relishes the feast prepared by Radha and gets happy. While Balaram and Radha search for him, he decides to meet Radha and thank her. Hanuman introduces himself to Radha. However, the latter gets shocked to see a giant waanar. She shouts for Krishna’s help.

Will Krishna reveal about Hanuman to Radha?

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