Interesting twist in Star Bharat show

Rahul to risk his life to save Gauri in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya

Star Bharat’s Kaal Bhairav Rahasya (Diamond Pictures) is all set to entertain viewers with some dhamakedar performances and twists in the show. Apart from a lot of fun, the episode will also see a major drama sequence that will have viewers asking for more.

As seen so far, Gauri (Sargun Kaur) is trapped in the temple, she is scared. The pujari and his family plead in front of everyone to open the temple doors. Rahul (Rahul Sharma) decides to save Gauri but Dada Thakur’s (Raj Premi) men stop Rahul from entering the temple.

Shares a source, “Rahul will blows the tunnel with dynamite; when the dogs are about to attack Gauri, she will sit down and pray to Lord Kaal Bhairav for her safety. A ring of fire will be form around her and the dogs will step back.”

Furthermore, when the temple’s doors will open the villagers would find Gauri praying to Lord Kaal Bhairav. They will get shocked after the idol would turn around and cry blood.

What will happen next? Will the villagers manage to find the mystery?

We tried reaching Rahul but he remained busy shooting.

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