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Rajaa Betaa the Zee TV show will see Dr .Vedant taking the shocking decision of terminating Purva’s pregnancy. Read for details.

Rajaa Betaa: Vedant aborts Purva’s kid

Rajaa Betaa the Zee TV show produced by Sobo Films will see a huge twist in the tale when Dr. Vedant (Dishank Arora) who is so very loyal and dutiful about his work will commit the big crime of aborting Purva’s (Sambabana Mohanty) child!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

News coming in is that Vedant will be extremely tensed as Purva’s medical condition will not be fine and all test reports will lead to a major revelation.

Vedant will learn that the kid growing within Purva is HIV positive, and that it is a high risk for Purva’s life with the kid growing within Purva.

Vedant will study the case thoroughly and will come to the decision that he has to abort the kid in Purva to save her.

As per a reliable source, “Vedant will be worried for Purva’s well being and for the first time as a doctor will perform an act that will be heart-breaking for him.”

As we know, Vedant has always been a doctor who does anything and everything to save lives. And being a gynecologist, his existence and happiness lie in bringing kids to life.

Vedant will get a big jolt when he will have to abort Purva’s kid.

Is Vedant’s decision right? How will Purva react on her abortion?

Only time will tell…

We buzzed actors of Rajaa Betaa but could not get through for comments.

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