High-voltage drama in Life OK's Ghulaam

Revealed: Radhika’s real identity in Life OK’s Ghulaam

The thrilling drama Ghulaam (Saurabh Tewari’s Parin Multimedia and Rajesh Chadha’s IMRC Entertainment) has been keeping audience hooked. Loyal viewers of the Life OK show will see a major revelation in the coming episodes.

As viewers would know the new entrant Radhika (Nidhi Jha) found herself stranded in Berahampur and Rangeela (Param Singh) helped her out. After Veer (Vikkas Manaktala) learned about the rescue plan, he decided to punish Rangeela by asking him to marry her.

As per a reliable source, “Radhika, who landed in Berahampur is actually an IPS officer. She is on a secret operation to find out the illegal things happening in the village. It will be soon revealed in the show that Radhika was on a mission to find out the ill-treatment happening with the women of the area.”

Woaaah! That’s interesting.

Will Veer learn about Radhika’s real identity?

We could not connect with the actors for a comment.

To know more watch the show or read Indianwikimedia.

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