‘Role reversal’ and a big challenge for Prakash and Ajay in &TV’s Vani Rani

A huge turning point will decide whether the Agnihotri family will stay united or will separate in & TV’s Vani Rani.

‘Role reversal’ and big challenge for Prakash and Ajay in &TV’s Vani Rani

&TV’s entertaining show Vani Rani (Esselvision) will see major drama during Navratri!!

The two sisters Vani and Rani (Tanvi Azmi) will join in to celebrate Raavan Dahan when a dramatic sequence will break up in the house. The result of this will be a challenge thrown in by Vani on her husband Prakash (Sanjay Gandhi) wherein she will ask him to stay at home and take up the role of Ajay, Rani’s husband. Vani will also insist that Ajay (Iqbal Azad) will go to office to carry out business calls and decisions.


Yes this role reversal will make the viewing all the more interesting with its hilarious punches as well as drama.

As per sources, “This challenge between the brothers Ajay and Prakash will be very important as its outcome will decide the fate of the entire family. If Prakash would manage home very well and win, the two families will break. And if Ajay would manage official duties well, the families will continue to live under the same roof.”


Who will win this battle of role reversal? Will the Agnihotri family separate? Or will they live in the same house?

When contacted, Sanjay Gandhi told us, “Yes, this is an interesting track. However, we have not started shoot for it yet.”

Watch this interesting development in the show.

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