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Ishaani and Sid’s tashan moment in Sanjivini

Sanjivini: Ishaani and Sid’s tashan moment

Loyal viewers of Sanjivini on Star Plus have been witnessing intriguing drama.

Audiences recently witnessed interesting drama between Sid and Ishaani.

Now, in the forthcoming drama, Sid is upset with something and is hiding the same from Ishaani. He is also ignoring her. Ishaani asks him to pass a file but he ignores her and leaves.

Later, to find out the real reason behind Sid’s behaviour, Ishaani reaches his house. However, Sid refuses to talk to her and shuts the door on her face. Adamant, Ishaani refuses to go home and decides to get answers from Sid. She sits outside his house. The lady faces turmoil in the form of mosquitoes and the cold weather, but refuses to go back home.

Will Ishaani get her answers?

We buzzed the artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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