Preeti convinces KT for surrogacy in Star Plus show Shaadi Mubarak

Shaadi Mubarak spoiler alert: Preeti convinces KT for surrogacy

Shaadi Mubarak the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions is leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience with gripping drama.

As seen so far, Preeti gets determined to give KT his biological kid. She seeks the help of Furti (Dnyanada Ramtirthkar) to bear KT’s child in her womb.

Now, in the coming episode, Preeti lies to Kushala and tells her that she is pregnant. KT gets angry and asks Preeti about the drama. She tries to convince KT and he finally agrees to support Preeti.

Later, KT wants Preeti to be ready for the award night. However, Preeti asks him to receive the award on her behalf as she feels dizzy. Meanwhile, Preeti goes to meet Furti.

What will happen next?

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