Shaadi Mubarak will see Preeti coming to the rescue of Tarun when he will be under attack.

Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler Alert: Preeti SAVES Tarun from goons

Shaadi Mubarak the popular Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions will see a major highpoint wherein Preeti (Rati Pandey) will get to know of her son Tarun (Gaurav Sharma) being in major trouble.

Preeti will be following KT (Manav Gohil) and Nandini(Barkha Sengupta) as part of the plan laid by her and KT when she will get down at some road. On the side of the road, she will see Tarun being threatened by goons, who would be keeping him at gunpoint.

Preeti will be concerned for Tarun and will call the police for help.

We at have already written about Tarun having a huge transformation with him turning positive.

Will this incident trigger Tarun’s transformation? Or will Tarun get into a bigger problem?

We buzzed actors of Shaadi Mubarak but did not get through.